Reviews AluaSoul Alcudia Bay (Adults Only) Hotel Alcudia, Mallorca

Reviews AluaSoul Alcudia Bay (Adults Only) Hotel

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The reviews on the Alua Soul Alcudia Bay hotel are the best way to know what it is like to stay at our adults-only hotel. This is where you will discover our spa & wellness centre, privileged location in Alcudia, amenities for couples and excellent customer service...


Scoring based on real reviews written by our clients after their stay

  • Cleaning 8.7
  • Location 9.3
  • Staff 8.3
  • Price 9.7
  • Services 9.3
Expedia AluaSoul Alcudia Bay (Adults Only) Hotel
3,9 / 5
Tripadvisor AluaSoul Alcudia Bay (Adults Only) Hotel
4,5 / 5
  • 1/


    Gratamente Sorprendido ,Durante la estancia de 10 Dias hotel AluaSoul Alcudia Bay, personal de todos servicios muy atentos y correctos,asi como la comida etc,etc,espero volver con mi ...view more

  • 1/


    estuve una la ultima se mana de junio y yo y mi mujer nos lo pasemos de fabula el hotel un 10 la situacion un 10 os lo recomiendo intentaremos ...view more

  • 1/


    ¡Hemos pasado unos días inmejorables!view more

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